My Testimony


Hello my name is Erica Relaford, a recent graduate of Savannah State University and a child of God. During my years of living, God has transformed, changed and blessed me in ways that I would have never imagined. He saw fit that I would live and function properly even though I was born prematurely at one pound and 10 ounces. In addition, He was able to keep me during my four years at Savannah State.

Since I grew up in a bible believing church home with a mother who was (and still is) insane about God, I just couldn’t wait until I was out of there. It seemed as if church had become my second home. On Wednesdays we’d be there for mid-week service, on Fridays instead of catching the newest Disney Channel movie (this is when Disney Channel was actually worth watching) I was stuck at church for bible study and then Sunday mornings I’d have to hop out of bed at 8 a.m. to be in church by 11 a.m. So trust and believe when August 2011 came along I was ready to have some fun and hop off the bandwagon of being a holy roller. Now, did I forget who my Savior was and who I served? Not at all, I just figured since He knew me He’d understand that I wanted to let loose a little bit and see what all the hype was about when it came to college; boy what a journey it was.

During my freshman year I began to observe my surroundings and pick out who I was going to make my own (Yes I   was boy- infatuated). I just knew while in college I was going to find my significant other and we were going to live happily ever after once I’d graduated.(That never happened, but I did get something better. Keep reading.)

Entering my sophomore and junior year , I went from little Erica to “Hey Erica! What’s Up Girl!” People started to recognize me and I liked it. I started to believe if I took a 360 turn in my wardrobe, dropped a few pounds and added some eye shadow and lipstick to my face, I’d for sure get the boyfriend of my dreams. So I did just that and yes, my life began to change but not so much in a good way, Miss. Goody Two Shoes had gone bad.

Nights out in downtown Savannah and  kickbacks began to intrigue me. Next thing you know I was introduced to drinking and marijuana  .I stopped attending church and started to separate myself from Christ .  I even began to hang out with people who I never thought I’d hang with just so I could be apart of the “in” crowd. During that time I began to deal with relationship issues from all areas- friendships, guys, my parents and my family. I even began to question some of my religious beliefs and wondered if all I had been taught was a lie. I was truly confused and had no idea how I was going to make it through the rest of my college years.

In summer 2014 , I decided  to lay everything out on the table and express my feelings to my mom and everything I had went through.  With words of encouragement, she instilled in me to let people in life go and trust God more.  By doing so, she informed me that He would surely make everything alright. Sure enough, once my senior year came around God began to show favors in my life.

I went from hanging out with everyone to hanging out alone. No longer did I hang around the same crew, but I began to create a stronger relationship and bond with Christ. By doing so, He began to bring new people into my life and open up doors for me that I would have never imagined. I went from being unemployed to being offered two jobs on campus, one as a career service assistant and the other as the news editor for the student newspaper.   I began to get more involved with my major which opened up many doors for me to join a plethora of news organizations. I was even introduced to Greater Impact Ministries, which soon became my church home in Savannah.  While there, I rededicated my life to Christ, began to find out God’s purpose for me and his designed plan.    

Through all of the trials and tribulations I went through, from this day and ever more, I continue to praise God for bringing me through it all. It is just mind-blowing on what He has done for me and what He is able to do. So, I pray the words that God provide me with through this blog will benefit and bless you. If He was able to change my sinful ways and make me whole I know He’ll be able to do the same for you. God Bless.