Winston Mayo presents The Blessing Report

Greetings Beautiful People! It’s Testimony Tuesday and boy do I have a great person to introduce to you today!

Meet Winston Mayo!


Growing up in a home, where Christianity  wasn’t shoved down his throat, but more so swept under the rug, Winston was one who went to church only on special occasions (i.e. Easter and Christmas). However, by the age of 18, he began to wonder the purpose behind those sporadic days spend at church and began to seek God for himself.  Through various trials and tribulations in his life, Winston decided to give his life to Christ and serve Him wholeheartedly in 2012.   Today, Winston  leads young adults to Christ through his YouTube channel,  “The Blessing Report“. Minus strict religious guidelines and terminology, Winston ministers through spoken word poetry , stand- up comedy , music reviews and honest-to-God sermons. Find out more about Winston and how his journey with Christ truly began:


Discovering God’s Purpose: The Story of Navelle Hice

Have you ever received everything you could dream of, yet felt like something or someone was missing? What about your purpose or calling from Christ?

Meet Navelle Hice, an up-and-coming inspirational songwriter and rap artist, who went through these phases and more while trying to find his purpose. Born and raised in Chester, Pa ,at a young age, Navelle discovered his true passion for music, after he was inspired by his music teacher to write a “rap” for a school project. It was shortly after that experience that he discovered his calling to rap and compose music. In doing so, he created his first mixtape and soon began to make an image for himself, which at the time, many knew as his former stage name, “Young Chief” and “Chiefy”.

As “Young Chief” and “Chiefy”, Navelle was able to achieve great accomplishments and receive many accolades; a few including his two appearances on BET’s 106 and Park, opening acts for J.Cole, Jadakiss, Fabulous and other R&B/ hip-hop artists. However, it wasn’t until 2010, when Navelle went through a near- death experience which caused him to discover himself and God’s purpose for his life. Check out Navelle’s story:




Testimony Tuesday: Who is Kel Mitchell?


What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear… “Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger, can I take your order?” What about, “Who loves orange soda?” I don’t know about you, but for me the name Kel Mitchell lights up in my mind. Growing up in the 90s, I can truly say this guy brought laughter to my Saturday nights and joy to any of my bad days. So, never in a million years would I have thought that he would live a life of suicidal depression and drug abuse after his time in the television spotlight came to a crashing halt.  Nevertheless, after renewing his relationship with Christ, Kel was able to find peace after his deadly storm and is now better than ever! Check out his testimony, provided by CBN, Kel Mitchell on Fame!

Testimony Tuesday: Who is Nehemiah Ray?

“He transformed my life as a new creation in Christ and from there it’s just been an on going run.”- Nehemiah Ray, CEO of Corny Creations and Spoken Word Artist



NR: What’s going on, I’m Nehemiah. I am a spoken word artist and entrepreneur. I love nature, I love God and I love people.


NR: Corny Creations. Basically what we do is we take God’s beautiful artwork and we transform and personalize it just for you. We’re all about taking God’s beauty (because it is better looking than any man-made art) and transforming it.


NR: I guess I’ll give you the snippet. It’s a couple of different things. I was outside praying one day and I just saw some beautiful, hand-crafted, nature art and I just felt like it could be designed for something more. [Since] I read a lot about George Washington Carter, I know he use to always have a flower that he kept on him all the time, and I was like oh I want something kinda like that. So I then found an acorn and started it like that.


NR: You said acorns?  So, acorns are beautiful things. You see they are brown just like that skin tone in my… ringtone ha ha ha I don’t know but acorn… we go by corny because you’re conscience of the riches… those are bars.


NR: I think college is a real important time, especially for a believer. Everything is getting pushed at you so far as music, sex, drugs. We have a lot of identity crisis that goes on at this time. One thing I suggest is being rooted and grounded in the Word. I really suggest finding some good friends, a good church and really spending a lot of intimate time with Christ. Also, reading your Bible, meditating on the Word and really watch the influences that you let into your mind, things of that nature.

EXCLUSIVE: Nehemiah’s Testimony

NR: Both of my parents loved God so I was raised in the church. Towards high school I strayed away and I left everything.From there I got involved with a lot of drugs, women and things that weren’t Christ centered.After graduating from college, I came home and my mom suggested I visit the church that she was attending. During that time, they were preparing for the 21-day fast and I figured I could participate in it.

So my friend James and I participated in the fast. It was tough you know because we did the Daniel’s fast where their is no meat, no sweets, no fried foods, no sex, no alcohol, no drugs or anything like that.Once we completed the fast, I asked the Lord to give me a fire for Him.I believed He was real, but I didn’t know Him for my own relationship.

It didn’t happen the first or the second week but just one day He lit a fire inside of me. He transformed my life as a new creation in Christ and from there it’s just been an on going run.