Verse of the Day: Proverbs 3:25



Good morning beautiful people and happy Wednesday! Before hopping out of bed this morning, God placed it on my heart to remind His people to be encouraged and keep the faith.  For those who are not aware, earlier this morning the votes of many citizens were counted and the candidate selected for the President of the United States of America was none other than Donald Trump.  Since this historic decision was made, many individuals have already began to think negative and come to the assumption that the world, as we know it, is about to take a turn for the worse.

Now, although God has forewarned us of the days that are to come in 2 Timothy 3 , He has also told us in Philippians 4:4,7  not to be afraid but to rejoice  in the Lord ALWAYS and again rejoice, for His peace will be with us and will guard our hearts and minds. 

By carrying this feeling of peace and solitude, we are to remember who truly has the victory and the final say so when it comes to what happens in this world. So, that my brothers and sisters in itself is something to be happy about. For we serve a God that is greater and powerful than any person or thing this world could ever fathom. So, if that’s the case, why should we be afraid?

Beautiful people, I say it’s time to rise up and truly take a stand for what God has called us to be. For we are NOW living in a time of grace and God has some phenomenal things He is ready to show to us, question is are we ready? It’s time out for worrying about what things look like and letting fear take control of our lives. For we are to walk by FAITH and NOT by sight and believe that God has the victory because in the end He truly does.

Grace and Peace.


Consider Your Options


Guest Blogger: Tra’Shawn Standifer

As today is election day, it’s important to understand that you have more options that are not on the ballot. We as a nation will choose today the path we take. We will choose lawlessness, or arrogance. People have been saying that neither Trump or Hillary are worthy applicants for the White House. Regardless of who is elected, both paths will lead to the same thing, the coming of Jesus Christ. It sounds like the same scenario that Israel were in when God brought them out of the land of Egypt, helped them cross the Red Sea to flee from pharaoh’s army, and sent down manna from heaven for the people to eat.

God blessed his chosen ones with nearly everything they could imagined, but it was not enough. God was their one and true king. He led them with a mighty hand, but Israel said it was not enough. They wanted a king that they could physically see to rule over them. At one point and time in this country, God was enough. He was all that we needed, and somewhere down the road we said that God wasn’t good enough to take care of us. We have taken many things we have for granted. When we look at both the U.S. and Israel, we can say that we are like Israel in today’s time. But let’s look at the message behind this story in 1 Samuel 8-15.

Samuel the prophet at the time was listening to the people of Israel. “We want a king!” they said. Samuel prayed to God, he told the people that it wasn’t a good idea to have man lead you. But you know how stubborn we are at times. Samuel went to God one more time, and God said, go and anoint Saul. This broke God’s heart because God had done everything for his children, and they were not satisfied. God said that he will give them a ruler who reflected Israel.

If you look at today’s candidates, we will see that both are the reflection of the country we live in today. We have one side who is arrogant, mean, ruthless, and with an untamable tongue. One the other side, we have lies, cheats, steals, and cover – ups. So yes, there may not be any good options on the table, but this should be a wakeup call for us as a nation. We have gotten away from God, and he is saying we need to turn back. The lawlessness, chaos, and everything else, He didn’t create. We see that the truth is being exposed, and people still with not do anything.

As the story goes, Saul became caught up in his riches, power, and authority, he forgets God which then costs him to be still be in position as king, but rejected by God as king. The people of Israel didn’t understand what happened. They did not think to seek God about their appointed king. People began to get upset because what they believed to be perfect, turned out to be just the average joe. Saul reflected the people and the people could not handle it. The candidates we elect today are the reflection of us, and people are so in a rage that we can’t stand to look at ourselves.  the question is simple. Has God rejected us as a nation? Has God decided that enough is enough?

I urge you brothers and sisters to consider your options. We have Trump, Clinton, third parties, but overall we have God. He is the sustainer of our being. As you go and vote, I pray that it’s the vote God wants for this nation. He’s God and he is mighty and can set a fire in us, but he leaves it to us to keep the fire alive. Consider your options. My vote is Jesus Christ.

To read more of Tra’Shawn’s work, be sure to check out his Facebook page and his feature stories on the upcoming website come January 1, 2017! God Bless!

4 Easy Ways Mornings With God Can Make Your Life Better


All of us, like sheep, have strayed away.
    We have left God’s paths to follow our own.
Yet the Lord laid on him
    the sins of us all. Isaiah 53:6 (NLT)

What God wants from you doesn’t require money, the hottest trends or the latest fashions. Instead God wants your T- I-M-E . For He loved us SO much that He sacrificed the life of his son Jesus to die on a cross for OUR sins (John 3:16). For we were wretches undone, yet He came on this Earth more than 2000 years ago to SAVE our souls. So, when you think about it He truly does deserve our glory, praise and precious time.

Unfortunately,in this era, we’ve become so complacent with our busy schedules, that we feel that we just don’t have the time to spend with our Lord and Savior. Whether its our job, our family, our mates or friends, we tend to find time for them, but when it comes to our Creator “there’s just not enough time in the day” some may say.

However beautiful people their is an answer to this problem and it is very simple. All you have to do is Make Time! Instead of pressing the snooze button on your alarm five times before waking up, incorporate these simple task in your morning get up and watch how God will make a drastic change in your life!


Before stepping out of bed say a quick prayer. Thank God for waking you up that morning and acknowledge Him for all the great things He has done in your life. By doing so, you will gain peace and a mind of great joy.


While freshening up, play uplifting and inspiring music to boost up your spirit. This small, but very effective task will provide you with great energy.


Before stepping out of your  door, depending on your circumstance, feeling or issue,  read a scripture from the Bible that speaks to you.


After reading that scripture, meditate on it throughout your day. Think about it consistently and see how you can apply the message to your everyday life.

I challenge you all to take a leap of faith and try this plan for one whole week. Once you do so, tell me how your life has changed for the better in the comments below!

*Grace and Peace*


7 Ways to Walk Right with Christ


1.) Do Good to please God, not man.- Matthew 6:1-3

If given an assignment to do something (i.e. give to the homeless, inform others of Christ, sow a seed to your church) don’t do these things to be noticed or recognized by others, but do it for God, for He has told you do so.

2.) The Model Prayer: Say what you mean and don’t do it for recognition.- Matthew 5:15

God wants things to be done decent and in order. While in prayer you should not inform all what you have prayed for, for God already knows and will give you what you desire. This is why the “Our Father’s Prayer” is important. It is not only a prayer, but a mission statement that we should live by on a day-to day basis.

3.) Fasting: Do so in the WILL of GOD.- Matthew 6:16

Fasting is meant to break chains, connect you closer to Christ and make your request known to God so He can grant your prayer at an appointed time. However, when fasting one should not showcase that they are in pain, but present themselves as normal for God will bless them openly.

4.) Focus on heavenly gifts, not earthly ones.- Matthew 6:19-21

Your focus should not be on gaining things of this world (i.e. money, glory, fame) ,but gaining gifts of God. For those things will last even while in heaven, but the fine things in  Earth will pass away.

5.) Place your eyes on good and holy, not pleasure and deceit.- Matthew 6:22-23

For one’s eyes is the light of the body. If one focuses their eyes on good things/positive images, they will be light to others and those people will see it. However, if one focuses their eyes on pleasure and things of fleshly desires they will showcase darkness and be looked upon as deceitful.

6.) Would You Rather: Go to heaven or receive all the money in the world?- Matthew 6:24

At the end of the day, their are only two places people will be able to reside once this life is over— heaven or hell. Depending on where one’s soul lives, money won’t be in the picture. You can’t serve God and the devil. Choose which one you will serve and deal with the consequences.

7.) The BIG Key: DO NOT WORRY- Matthew 6:25-34

For this is the same God who helped Moses deliver people in Egypt, Noah, his family and numerous animals and saw that Joseph’s vision  came to pass. In addition He helped Joseph rescue his family from famine. So, why do you think He won’t do the same for you? By worrying/ questioning how God will do something, your faith is limited. However, if you set your mind at a positive state and BELIEVE that God will WHATEVER you claim Him to do then HE WILL!