Consider Your Options


Guest Blogger: Tra’Shawn Standifer

As today is election day, it’s important to understand that you have more options that are not on the ballot. We as a nation will choose today the path we take. We will choose lawlessness, or arrogance. People have been saying that neither Trump or Hillary are worthy applicants for the White House. Regardless of who is elected, both paths will lead to the same thing, the coming of Jesus Christ. It sounds like the same scenario that Israel were in when God brought them out of the land of Egypt, helped them cross the Red Sea to flee from pharaoh’s army, and sent down manna from heaven for the people to eat.

God blessed his chosen ones with nearly everything they could imagined, but it was not enough. God was their one and true king. He led them with a mighty hand, but Israel said it was not enough. They wanted a king that they could physically see to rule over them. At one point and time in this country, God was enough. He was all that we needed, and somewhere down the road we said that God wasn’t good enough to take care of us. We have taken many things we have for granted. When we look at both the U.S. and Israel, we can say that we are like Israel in today’s time. But let’s look at the message behind this story in 1 Samuel 8-15.

Samuel the prophet at the time was listening to the people of Israel. “We want a king!” they said. Samuel prayed to God, he told the people that it wasn’t a good idea to have man lead you. But you know how stubborn we are at times. Samuel went to God one more time, and God said, go and anoint Saul. This broke God’s heart because God had done everything for his children, and they were not satisfied. God said that he will give them a ruler who reflected Israel.

If you look at today’s candidates, we will see that both are the reflection of the country we live in today. We have one side who is arrogant, mean, ruthless, and with an untamable tongue. One the other side, we have lies, cheats, steals, and cover – ups. So yes, there may not be any good options on the table, but this should be a wakeup call for us as a nation. We have gotten away from God, and he is saying we need to turn back. The lawlessness, chaos, and everything else, He didn’t create. We see that the truth is being exposed, and people still with not do anything.

As the story goes, Saul became caught up in his riches, power, and authority, he forgets God which then costs him to be still be in position as king, but rejected by God as king. The people of Israel didn’t understand what happened. They did not think to seek God about their appointed king. People began to get upset because what they believed to be perfect, turned out to be just the average joe. Saul reflected the people and the people could not handle it. The candidates we elect today are the reflection of us, and people are so in a rage that we can’t stand to look at ourselves.  the question is simple. Has God rejected us as a nation? Has God decided that enough is enough?

I urge you brothers and sisters to consider your options. We have Trump, Clinton, third parties, but overall we have God. He is the sustainer of our being. As you go and vote, I pray that it’s the vote God wants for this nation. He’s God and he is mighty and can set a fire in us, but he leaves it to us to keep the fire alive. Consider your options. My vote is Jesus Christ.

To read more of Tra’Shawn’s work, be sure to check out his Facebook page and his feature stories on the upcoming website come January 1, 2017! God Bless!


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