7 Ways to Walk Right with Christ


1.) Do Good to please God, not man.- Matthew 6:1-3

If given an assignment to do something (i.e. give to the homeless, inform others of Christ, sow a seed to your church) don’t do these things to be noticed or recognized by others, but do it for God, for He has told you do so.

2.) The Model Prayer: Say what you mean and don’t do it for recognition.- Matthew 5:15

God wants things to be done decent and in order. While in prayer you should not inform all what you have prayed for, for God already knows and will give you what you desire. This is why the “Our Father’s Prayer” is important. It is not only a prayer, but a mission statement that we should live by on a day-to day basis.

3.) Fasting: Do so in the WILL of GOD.- Matthew 6:16

Fasting is meant to break chains, connect you closer to Christ and make your request known to God so He can grant your prayer at an appointed time. However, when fasting one should not showcase that they are in pain, but present themselves as normal for God will bless them openly.

4.) Focus on heavenly gifts, not earthly ones.- Matthew 6:19-21

Your focus should not be on gaining things of this world (i.e. money, glory, fame) ,but gaining gifts of God. For those things will last even while in heaven, but the fine things in  Earth will pass away.

5.) Place your eyes on good and holy, not pleasure and deceit.- Matthew 6:22-23

For one’s eyes is the light of the body. If one focuses their eyes on good things/positive images, they will be light to others and those people will see it. However, if one focuses their eyes on pleasure and things of fleshly desires they will showcase darkness and be looked upon as deceitful.

6.) Would You Rather: Go to heaven or receive all the money in the world?- Matthew 6:24

At the end of the day, their are only two places people will be able to reside once this life is over— heaven or hell. Depending on where one’s soul lives, money won’t be in the picture. You can’t serve God and the devil. Choose which one you will serve and deal with the consequences.

7.) The BIG Key: DO NOT WORRY- Matthew 6:25-34

For this is the same God who helped Moses deliver people in Egypt, Noah, his family and numerous animals and saw that Joseph’s vision  came to pass. In addition He helped Joseph rescue his family from famine. So, why do you think He won’t do the same for you? By worrying/ questioning how God will do something, your faith is limited. However, if you set your mind at a positive state and BELIEVE that God will WHATEVER you claim Him to do then HE WILL!






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