Angels in Disguise


When you think of the word Angels what comes to mind?

I asked three lovely ladies and their responses where:

“I think all white, wings and a halo,” Maxine Pennerman, founder of Women Who Fellowship said. “Someone [who looks] innocent and kind.”

Kennesaw State University junior and criminal justice major, Octavia Monsanto said, “Off the top I think of the stereotypical celestial seen on Christmas post cards. Then when I get past that first thought, I think of a shield, like light.”

Lorean Jackson, founder of The Virtuous Lyfe said when she thinks of angels  the vision that pops up in her mind is a”big, glorious, holy, white light and protecting” figure.

What if I were to tell you that although these visions maybe true, an angel could be sitting right next to you.

Through this game we call life, God truly knows how to make our lives interesting. In fact, for some of those unique individuals who pop up during our daily routines could  be God revealing His presence  through His angels in disguise.

A prime example of how God revealed His presence to me was yesterday while on the train, heading home from work. At the time, I was just happy to be off and away from the children aka (hooligans) that I work with everyday. My facial expression showed off that I  didn’t care to hear what anyone had to say and if one would have looked at me they would have stepped far far away. So,  while waiting for my train I sat by a man who looked to be in his mid 30s early 40s. He wore a dark colored shirt with a pair of long jeans and his body was covered with tattoos of religious images and scriptures. Now from the outward appearance he seemed just like a regular guy, but my spiritual instincts seemed to tell me otherwise.

Reason being is because as soon as I sat down, the man began to sing a plethora of encouraging gospel songs. Mind you, he had no headphones in his ears and the only electronic device he had on him was his cell phone in hand. From Lauyrn Hill’s- “His Eyes is on the Sparrow” to Kirk Franklin’s ” Silver and Gold”, the man was truly what I would have considered the walking jukebox.

Even after I got on the train and sat by him, he continued to sing nonstop. Although he wasn’t Usher Raymond, he surely did know how to carry a tune. I was so intrigued  with the message behind the music that I  had forgotten all about my horrible day at work and began to meditate on the blessings of the Lord.

Once I made it to my stop he told me to have a great day, smiled and continued to sing.Now for others, his singing might have come across as annoying, but for me it was very soothing and touching. During that time, God was simply reminding me that He should ALWAYS receive glory no matter what situation I may find myself in, even after a hard days work. With the man being in my presence during my time of pettiness and uncaring attitude, God revealed to me that He still cared for me and was willing to cheer me up through music.

So, next time you’re out be aware of your surroundings and who you come in contact  with because you never know who you could be entertaining. It could indeed be the angel from your dreams!

 Don’t forget to show hospitality to strangers, for some who have done this have entertained angels without realizing it! Hebrews 13:2 


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