How to Meditate on God’s Word


Oh it’s possible, you just have to be willing to do so! Last year,  on this exact date, I found myself trying to get a closer connection with God through the Word. During my search one morning, I ran across this article and it truly blessed my soul. I hope it blesses yours as well.

God Bless!



Dee-1 Slingshot David Concert Recap

Christian rapper, Dee-1 has been spreading the Gospel with music during his Slingshot David Tour, which kicked off on September 4 . Last night, at the Masquerade in Atlanta, he held back no exceptions. Hitting the stage at 9:15 p.m.,  Dee-1 kept his audience engaged by performed singles from his latest album, ‘Slingshot David’, in addition to explaining the message behind each song.

With hands raised up in the air and a feeling of hope in the building, Dee-1 managed to touch the lives of many and encourage young millennials by telling them simple task  they can complete  to be successful. Below is a recap of Dee-1 last night during his concert in Atlanta. There he explained how he managed to save money to pay back his student loans and how he has never paid a car note. The message may sound surreal, but trust, it’s possible. Check it out!


Dee -1 is coming to Atlanta… Tonight!

Elevate… it’s Wednesday!! Tonight is the night! Christian rapper Dee-1 will be at Atlanta’s own, the Masquerade, performing his latest hits from his latest album, ‘Slingshot David’! To check out EXCLUSIVE footage of the concert be sure to tune in at 7pm et from  my #Periscope at @NetWithErica! For a sneak peak of what you’ll see tonight,  here is one of Dee-1’s #1 hit, “Sallie Mae Back”! Enjoy!

Three Things to Remember When You Read the Bible


Article by Jonathan Parnell in

You can never just read the Bible.

There is something deep happening. It’s something more glorious than the universe. Whether you open these pages before dawn, over midmorning coffee, or at the dinner table with family, whenever you read the Biblesomething miraculous is happening. After all, you are not just any ordinary person, and the Bible isn’t just any old book.

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