Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number


Do you know your purpose on Earth? Are you aware of the spiritual gifts God has provided you with?

About a year ago, God revealed to me His purpose on my life and since then I have never been the same. If anything, I was quite surprised when He first told me what He wanted me to do. “To ministry to the millennials and lead souls to Christ”, He said. After receiving that sure Word, I became excited ,but also nervous and confused.

“Me, Lord?” “Are you sure you got the right one?” “After everything I’ve done you want me to minister to people of THIS generation?” “But I’m a sinner, I can’t do that.” “I thought you had to be older to do things like that.” Those thoughts and more is what came to mind during that sudden shift in my life. However since that discovery God has shifted my mindset from thinking from my fleshly perspective to my spiritual one. No longer do I wonder how my voice is going to be heard to spread the true Word, but I trust and believe that God has a plan set just for me.

Now lets focus on you. God has a plan set just for you and let me tell you, age is nothing but a number. Take Jeremiah for example. At a young age God called him to prophesize to all nations and told him that their was no need for him to be afraid for He would be with him (Jeremiah 1:6-8). Although Jeremiah was more than likely afraid he still did as he was told and was blessed in the mist. So, my word for you today is to truly seek God and ask Him what your purpose is. For He will lead, guide and direct your path for the better.

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you;Before you were born I sanctified you;


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