Pride– that was me. My flesh was my enemy. Baggage held me down for I was lost and could not be found.

Liars, haters, cheaters too corrupted my soul and spirit.  

 I walked around with a plastered smile because I felt so indignant. 

Hung out  with the “cool crew” only  to be submitted 

To the  demon down below who didn’t care for my glow, he just wanted to see me suffer.

But in the nick of time the Man from  the sky  arrived and swooped me from my struggle. 

He grabbed my hand and cleaned me up and seperated me from the double 

Life I lived as a sinner saint one foot away from the other.

Even then–He accepted me

 in my messy ever after. 

He refused to let me down so now i praise Him with a glory sound.

That feeling of doubt, depression  and pride no longer rules over me

For He has given me the VICTORY.


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