The Devil thought he had me, but God!


Happy Monday beautiful people! Christians in College is back and boy has God shown me great things to reveal to YOU! He’s been so good to me that I honestly can’t keep it to myself!

Nevertheless the devil is always lurking (which is why I’ve been M.I.A for a while, but that’s another story for another day) and trying to block my progress, but through God’s grace I’m still here, STRONGER and BOLDER than ever. This brings me to the lesson God revealed to me today: Patience is a virtue.

Tomorrow, I have an interview set with a car company. So, to prepare for the interview, after leaving work, it dawned on me that I need a printed resume and clips of my work to present to the interviewers. Mind you, I have been in a school environment all day and not once did that thought of printing out my work hit me, until I made it home. Since, I don’t have a print, I went to the rental office to see if I could have my work printed there. A woman came to the door and informed me that she wouldn’t be able to. Instead of picking a fight, I moved forward and went to the library. Once there I was told I didn’t have anything but five cents on my library card to print, all of the computer sections were filled and the library was set to close at 8 p.m. I then dashed across the street to a local gas station to see if I could get cash back so I could add those funds to my library card. I make it to the counter, purchase my belongings only to find out that the gas station did not give cash back. Instead of getting upset with the guy at the register I simply took my things smiled and walked another block to Rite Aid. On that block to Rite Aid, a guy attempted to grab my attention, but since I was on a mission I didn’t pay him any mind. He then began to call me out of my name and say harsh things as he walked away. I never looked back nor did I respond, I just continued to move forward. Once at Rite Aid, I picked up another item and stood in line behind a woman who seemed to be having problems with her card at the register. Instead of complaining or walking out the door, I waited patiently until the women left, walked to the counter, asked the cashier how was she, received my money and walked back to the library. Once there, I handed the librarian $5 to add to my library card, she then informed me that the once filled computer sections now had three available spots. I thanked the librarian, chose a spot and was finally able to print my papers.

During this journey, the devil placed five stumbling blocks in my path and with each one I was able to cast them down with the spirit of God and His patience which covered me.

So, my word for you today is to never sweat the small stuff. Remember that WE have the POWER and AUTHORITY over the devil and by simply smiling in his face when he is attempting to harm US in anyway he will flee! Always remember that “with God ALL THINGS are possible.” (Matthew 9:16) and He is ALWAYS with you.

P.S. Be on the lookout for Testimony Tuesday! You surely DO NOT want to miss it!


Grace and Peace



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