College students connect with Christ during “The Revolution”

Arms stretched wide as heads held high. Eyes closed and tears streamed down the rounds of young faces as they anticipated a sure touch from the Lord. This supernatural experience was one of many that took place earlier this month during a three-day event entitled, “The Revolution: Fusion Conference.”


Pastor Adrian Davis ministers to college students and young adults. (Photo by fusion_cof via Instagram) 

The conference, held at the Cathedral of Faith, Church of God in Christ, was hosted by the leader of the college and young adult ministry, Joshua Rodgers.

Fusion was officially established in August 2012 as a college ministry. It was later expanded in 2013 to include young adults that were not in college.

“Fusion, in the spirit of excellence, seeks to provide an atmosphere where college students and young adults can excel spiritually, socially, culturally and academically,” Rodgers said.”We are wholeheartedly committed to producing, praising and prospering.”

Kicking-off on Friday evening,  the event featured guest artists, Dale Brown and Truth, Casey J and guest speaker, Pastor Adrian Davis.



On Saturday, young adults were given the opportunity to section off into different groups, to receive encouraging words on how to maintain a relationship as a Christian, how to develop a youth ministry and how to be revolutionary men and women.


To close the conference Sunday, gospel artist  Travis Greene brought the Word on staying focused and in the evening Bishop William Murphy, spoke a sure Word on changing this generation and future generations.


The conference inspired and brought light to many young adults.

“I was invited to the Fusion Conference by a current member of the Cathedral of Faith. Little did I know that this particular conference would be much more than the ordinary breakout sessions. This conference was truly a transformational experience that I believe all young adults should encounter. I left the conference feeling empowered and knowing that I can pursue and accomplish anything through Christ,” said Briana Daugherty of Cox Automotive.

Another youth member of the Cathedral of Faith C.O.G.I.C. said,  “I think the 2016 Fusion Conference was a place for young adults to experience God’s love for us and remind us that we can still be followers of Christ even in today’s society.”


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