Discovering God’s Purpose: The Story of Navelle Hice

Have you ever received everything you could dream of, yet felt like something or someone was missing? What about your purpose or calling from Christ?

Meet Navelle Hice, an up-and-coming inspirational songwriter and rap artist, who went through these phases and more while trying to find his purpose. Born and raised in Chester, Pa ,at a young age, Navelle discovered his true passion for music, after he was inspired by his music teacher to write a “rap” for a school project. It was shortly after that experience that he discovered his calling to rap and compose music. In doing so, he created his first mixtape and soon began to make an image for himself, which at the time, many knew as his former stage name, “Young Chief” and “Chiefy”.

As “Young Chief” and “Chiefy”, Navelle was able to achieve great accomplishments and receive many accolades; a few including his two appearances on BET’s 106 and Park, opening acts for J.Cole, Jadakiss, Fabulous and other R&B/ hip-hop artists. However, it wasn’t until 2010, when Navelle went through a near- death experience which caused him to discover himself and God’s purpose for his life. Check out Navelle’s story:





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