Motivate Your Monday: Just Do It!

Happy Monday beautiful people! It’s story time!

Story time

So last Thursday I was on Facebook, scrolling as usual, and ran across this image posted by radio personnel, Willie Moore Jr. .


And Immediately, I froze– reason being: God had just put me in check.


And here is how: A few months ago, before graduating from college, I asked God to reveal to me His purpose and plan for my life. After my request, about a week later, I went on a 21- day fast. I called it the 21-day John fast. Each day I’d read a chapter from the Book of John and eliminated all of my favorite foods such as meats, fried foods, sweet treats and cheese.No later than two weeks, after beginning the fast, God answered my pray and revealed to me my purpose and His plan.

So since that day, I’ve been pressing towards the mark of what God has called me to do. Nevertheless, I haven’t been as successful as I believe could be.

How so meme

Well, instead of taking refuge in the LORD I began to put my trust in people (Ps. 118:8). I would ask my friends for their thoughts and wait for their response, refusing to move forward until I heard word  from one of them. Even though I knew what to do from the jump, I let fear take heed in what God had already told me to do. Just that quick I forgot this is the Man  who always encourage me to be strong and courageous, for He would never leave me nor forsake me (Deut. 31:6). He already had a plan written out for me, so why the heck was I afraid?

So when I came across that image, I was truly astonished because God had just pulled a “Get ‘Em” move on me!


So what does this have to do with me, some of you maybe wondering. Well the moral of this story is,as Nike says it best, JUST DO IT! When God says go, GO! Don’t question, Just Do It. For He already has everything planned out for you and He knows the ending results of your breakthrough. Question is do you have that faith to follow His instructions or call up a friend and ask for theirs? For the choice is yours, but  I know for myself, from here on out, ima JUST DO IT! God Bless!

KB- Ima Just Do It ft. Bubba Watson



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